UNHCR and Qatar Charity launch a donation campaign for Somali returnees

Qatar Charity and UNHCR have announced the launch of a joint donation campaign to reintegrate Somali refugees and internally displaced people into Somalia and provide them with a better life. The campaign aims to raise more than $9mn and reach out to 100,000 affected people.

The campaign has been launched as part of the strategic partnership and cooperation agreement signed in October last year between both parties in Geneva, aimed at working together on the reintegration of the returnees, IDPs, and hosting communities through the construction and rehabilitation of the public infrastructure in the fields of health, education, shelter, water, and sanitation.

The donation campaign has been launched by the CEO of Qatar Charity, Yousuf bin Ahmed Al Kuwari, UNHCR’s regional representative to the GCC States, Khaled Khalifa on the sidelines of the Aid & Trade conference and exhibition held in London.

The launch also was attended by QC’s chairman Sheikh Hamad Bin Nasser Al Thani. Yousuf bin Ahmed Al Kuwari said today we are pleased to launch a joint donation campaign to provide basic services to Somali returnees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in order to facilitate their easy integration with receiving communities.

“This is particularly more important due to the ongoing drought and long-standing conflicts over two decades, which caused severe damage to the public infrastructure in Somalia and hindered the provision of basic services to the people all over the country”, Al Kuwari added.

He stressed QC’s keenness to cooperate and coordinate with United Nations organizations, especially in disaster areas, aiming to alleviate the suffering of those affected by the humanitarian crises around the world.

Khalid Khalifa expressed his pleasure at launching a joint donation campaign in the partnership with Qatar Charity. “I believe that this campaign will succeed in providing basic services to Somali returnees, internally displaced people, and receiving communities in order to meet their needs”, Khalifa said in a statement.

Both parties thanked the organizers of Aid & Trade conference and exhibition held in London for giving the opportunity to announce the launch of this campaign. The joint campaign is mainly aimed at garnering support for the area-based construction and rehabilitation of public infrastructure in Somalia, investing in the fields of health, education, shelter, water, and sanitation, as well as in the rehabilitation of other social facilities.

The campaign also aims to promote job creation and raise awareness of the needs and challenges faced by people in Somalia. In line with the commitments of the Somali Government, the campaign will focus on reintegration, education, and shelter as part of the response to the refugee and displaced person’s situation, and will target Puntland, Somaliland, south and central Somalia.

The implementation of the campaign will start in May 2018 and continue until December 2018 UNHCR and Qatar Charity seek to enable Somali returnees, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and receiving communities to have access to education; and reintegrate them through the establishment of a public infrastructure that will assist in rehabilitation and construction in order to promote peaceful coexistence and self-reliance.

Also, both parties will provide access to basic services in the areas of return; so that Somali returnees, displaced persons and receiving communities can achieve appropriate conditions of stability.

Joint efforts UNHCR and Qatar Charity have a long record of joint cooperation, which has witnessed many partnership agreements for the benefit of refugees and displaced persons in Syria, Yemen, Myanmar, Iraq, Somalia and, Pakistan at a cost of around $23mn.

Source: somalipm.com


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