Unidentified fighter jets carry out airstrike in southern Somalia

Unknown warplanes were reported to have carried out an airstrike in southern Somalia, targeting a vehicle purportedly ferrying three Al Shabaab militants.

The jets fired several missiles at the vehicle travelling between Haramka and Kunyabarow villages, two Al Shabaab-held areas in Middle Jubba region of southern Somalia.

The air raid is suspected to be conducted by Kenyan airforce as part of the fight against the Al-Qaeda-linked Al Shabaab group in the neighbouring country.

The US military said last week it carried out an airstrike outside Kismayo and killed several Al-Shabaab members and wounded a number of others.

Somali troops backed by African Union troops are battling Al Shabaab in the south and central Somalia, as the group still controls large parts of the Horn of Africa country.

Source: somalipm.com


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