University lecturer shot dead in Mogadishu

Unknown gunmen, believed to be Al Shabaab assassins have shot and killed a Somali University lecturer in Mogadishu, witnesses and Police said on Monday.

The professor, Ismail Hajji Addow was gunned down outside his residence in Mogadishu’s northern Deynile district on Sunday evening at around 8:00 pm, according to a witness.

Late Addow was a teaching Sharia law at Somalia University in Mogadishu, and the motive behind his assassinations is yet unclear, but, Police said an investigation is underway.

In the aftermath of the killing, Somali government security forces sealed off the crime scene and launched a manhunt, however, no arrest has been reported.

Mogadishu has witnessed an increase in attacks, including car bombings and killings in the past few months amid tight security and heavy presence of army on main junctions.

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