US-backed Somali troops raid Al Shabaab camp in southern Somalia

Somali commandos backed by American special forces carried out a joint operation against Al-Shabaab in the main the militant-held town of Jilib in Middle Jubba region.

According to the reports, the covert raid was targeted a training camp belonging to Al-Shabaab in the downtown Jilib. There was no immediate confirmation of the casualty.

The commander of the 43rd division of the Somali army, General Ali Mohamed Mohamud [Bogmadow] told local media that Danab and US forces inflicted losses on the militants.

Mohamud added that at least 30 Al-Shabaab members, including 4 middle-level commanders were killed during the operation in Jilib district, south of Somalia.

In addition, the commander stated that Foreign jihadists identified as Aweys Abu Hamza from Syria, Hassan Al Qayadi [Abu Yahya] from Libya are among the dead.

Al Shabaab has been using the camp to train potential bombers and orchestrate the suicide attacks in the country.

Al Shabaab, however has not yet commented on the Somali military claims.



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