Warring sides in central Somalia urged to end the hostility through dialogue

Several people from two clans in Galgaduud region were killed and dozens injured in clan clashes.

The parliament leadership urged the sides to end the fighting which displaced hundreds of families from their homes.

Deputy speaker of federal parliament, Mahad Awad has termed the clashes as unfortunate saying it is unacceptable to see two brotherly clans shading their blood.

“On behalf of the federal parliament, I call upon the warring sides in Balanbale town to end the hostilities,” he said.

Mr. Mahad called on the elders in the region affected to resolve their differences for a common good of the country, saying the people in the region should unite and ensure that their reconciliation meetings become fruitful for the benefit of their region and the entire country.

The call comes a day after Somali government deployed hundreds of soldiers in the area to intervene clashes between two clan militias.

Source: somalipm.com


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